Banzai Elite Wavetrader Course

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Course Description

The Banzai Elite Wavetrader program is our flagship course for learning how to surf the stock market’s biggest waves.

You’ll learn not only how to find the biggest stock market waves out there no matter HOW the market is currently trending  but you’ll learn what matters even more; how to trade these waves effectively to minimize risk and to help you FIND YOUR PLACE IN THE SUN!!

We’ll show you why everything you thought you knew about trading falls “just a tad short of the buoy ;)”…instead learn this!:

  1. The Power of Stock Cycles
  2. What Vector is and why it needs to be in every traders toolbox
  3. The key 3-Point criteria that uses a right brain visual approach to stock analysis that will put you head and shoulders above the average trader in filtering only the best possible trades

In this unique one of a kind trading course you’ll learn:

  • The Big Picture approach to stock selection
  • How to weigh one stock against another based on price action analysis
  • The short-term and long-term cycles you’ll need to learn to achieve laser-like entries and exits

And much, much more.

So grab your surfboard and let’s jump on in!  The next 12-weeks are going to be AWESOME!